Please visit our new blog, at The blog is a way to engage supporters, caregivers, the bereaved, volunteers, or anyone interested in learning more about hospice. The goal is to form a dialogue and encourage the hospice conversation. Questions, fears, observations, insights, experi-ences, goals, are all relevant and meaningful. The blog is a vehicle within which to communicate. Often-times, the emotional side of being a caregiver, spouse, family-member or friend to someone who is dying becomes over-looked while they are focused on providing care for their loved ones. This blog provides a means to release those emotions and give them a voice.

Likewise, a grieving person may feel they should not burden their loved one or other family members by sharing what they are feeling due to their focus being on the individual who is ill or dying. Whether the loved one is alive or has passed, this blog connects those who wish to share their experiences and hope-fully find peace with others who have already travelled that path. In whatever format the sharer feels appropriate; a poem, short story, essay, or just a quick note – the blog is meant to be cathartic.

Pertinent statistics, upcoming events and news that may interest the community will be shared as well.