Hospice means hopeless, it is “giving up”.

Choosing hospice does not mean a death sentence. What hospice does mean is a total change of focus. It means the person is in control: making choices about what is most important in his or her life. Hospice philosophy emphasizes the creative and positive outcomes to be realized by defining and achieving personal goals and

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Hospice care is only for cancer patients.

More than 50% of people on hospice are diagnosed with conditions other than cancer. Anyone with a life-limiting illness can receive hospice care. Heart disease, kidney disease, COPD and dementia are a few of the illnesses that can benefit from hospice services.

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Hospice is the absence, withdrawal or denial of care.

People who choose hospice receive medical care to control pain and other symptoms. Medical care continues with a holistic approach, honoring the wishes of the individual and explaining choices. All medical care is managed whether it is related to the hospice illness or not. All hospice programs protect the person's right to choose care, and

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