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Support comes in many sizes and shapes.

While direct financial support is paramount to the ongoing health of the agency, it is only one of a variety of ways you can help. Many choose to remember us in their estate planning. Others help through support of or participation in our events. Some individuals offer in kind gifts for items needed items to make our patients more comfortable. Some become an ambassador and help spread the news of the valuable work we do throughout their community. Lastly, many choose to donate their time through a wide variety of volunteer opportunities.

As you can see, there are many ways to support our mission. While some support through only one avenue, many High Peaks Hospice’s supporters give in multiple ways. We are greatly appreciative of any and all support. Every piece plays a vital role in assuring the health of organization now and well into the future, allowing us to support more families with their loved ones end-of-life care.

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Many people find solace in remembering and honoring those who have passed away under the care of High Peaks Hospice by making donations to HPH in their name. The family often also designate that other friends and family make donations to HPH in honor of those who have died either through the funeral home or directly to a hospice office.

High Peaks Hospice feels deep appreciation to our patients and their families that they allow us to share very personal, private moments with them. We are always honored when families think highly enough of the care their loved ones received to name us as recipients of memorial gifts. Please be assured that your memorial donation today will help to ensure that the same quality care that your loved one received will be available not only today but well into the future.

Fundraising activities are critical to our financial success and, equally as important, they also serve as great venues to showcase our agency, educate and establish new relationships. Every year each of our three clinical offices holds a variety of fundraising events and gatherings. Since each individual happening takes a great deal of time and effort to organize and put on, we are limited as to how many we are realistically able to do and we are never able to hold events for all the ideas that people bring to us.

Here is where you can help. Do you have great enthusiasm, energy, sufficient time and a commitment to hospice care, as well as a great fundraising idea? If so, perhaps you would be willing to coordinate an event on our behalf in your community. We would certainly help where needed but your efforts would play an important role in philanthropy.

The generous people who plan and host these events are also key players on our team. These 3rd party fundraising events provide not only needed funds but also an avenue for community members to turn this awareness into generous giving for Hospice Care (see Circle of Friends).

Those who have organized events on our behalf know well how much fun and rewarding it can be to be involved in something with such a profound mission and purpose.

If you have an idea and would like to hold a benefit on our behalf, please contact us.

What exactly is the Heritage Society and why is it important?

In 2006 on the occasion of the agency’s 20th anniversary, and in honor of its founders, High Peaks Hospice established the Ann & C. David Merkel Heritage Society for Education at Adirondack Community Trust. This endowment fund supports education and professional development to all paid staff and volunteers.

To live up to the goal of providing dignity, comfort and peace at the end of life, it has always been the highest priority, and challenge, of the organization to address the ever-increasing needs of patients by facing the challenges of finding and retaining highly committed and qualified staff. While High Peaks Hospice is committed to providing the highest caliber of patient care available, net revenues from patient services will never be sufficient to keep pace with the ever changing standards and best practices of care without the support of the community.  To assure the professional development of staff and volunteers in these times of decreased reimbursement it is philanthropy that can provide the margin of excellence needed to better serve you and your loved ones when you need us.

High Peaks Hospice is committed to meeting these growing needs by ensuring that all staff are offered the best possible, most comprehensive professional training, development and certification through this endowment.

The income from this endowment fund will ensure excellence in the specialized, acute and intensive care we provide to all patients and their families by investing in our staff. New or enhanced skills include but are not limited to:

    • Best practices in serving remote areas of socio-economically diversity and underserved communities;
    • Expanded bereavement counseling programs for residents (including children) who have suffered a loss;
    • Therapies for patients including comfort touch massage, aromatherapy and music therapy at bedside to assist with pain management, increase comfort and reduce anxiety about impending death;
    • Palliative care treatments;
    • Community education on end of life issues such as Health Care Proxy and other health benefits.
    • End-of-life planning through our hospice nurse liaisons at area nursing homes and hospitals as well as through our hospice admissions staff and social workers in patients’ homes.

If you would like more information or would like to make a contribution to the Ann & C. David Merkel Heritage Society for Education, please contact Colleen McCool at 518-891-0606 or cmccool@highpeakshospice.org or send your check to: The Ann & C. David Merkel Heritage Society for Education c/o High Peaks Hospice, PO Box 840, Saranac Lake NY 12983

Have you considered including High Peaks Hospice in your planned giving?

If you are seeking a way to support your favorite charity during your lifetime or following your death there are a variety of planned giving options available to you.

Including High Peaks Hospice in your will is just one option. Many individuals bequeath a percentage of their estate to their favorite not-for-profits. Others bequeath a specific amount. Neither way is right or wrong. What does matter is what works for you.

Do you know that Planned Giving can reduce your tax liabilities now, in the future for your heirs, or even provide tax-free income while you are still alive while also providing funds to benefit those facing life-limiting illnesses?

Which route you choose to take depends on your financial needs now and in the future. Planned giving can be a symbiotic relationship for both your, your family and the charities you wish to support. Your decision today can help us provide lasting comfort to those facing life’s most difficult challenge well into the future.

What are some of your planned giving options? Below are listed just some of the planned giving options that are available for you to consider:

  • Bequest
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Testamentary Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Life Estate
  • Charitable Lead Trust
  • The beneficiary of Life Insurance and Retirement Plan

The final choice as to what would work the best for you should be discussed with your financial adviser and/or attorney, giving careful consideration to all the options.

Blue Clothing Box Locations

ELIZABETHTOWN – Ticonderoga Federal Credit Union’s back parking lot
7519 Court Street

INDIAN LAKE – Indian Lake Transfer Station
165 Chain Lakes Road

KEENE – Keene Transfer Station
61 Town Shed Lane

KEENE VALLEY – Public Parking Lot
next to the Valley Grocery Store, 1815 Rte. 73

LAKE CLEAR – Franklin County Transfer Station
59 Dump Road

LAKE PLACID – North Elba Transfer Station & Recycle Center
74 Recycle Circle Lane

LONG LAKE – Long Lake Transfer Station & Recycle Center
8180 State Route 28N

MINEVILLE – corner of Tom Phelps Way and Plank Road

SARANAC LAKE – Nickels Redemption Center
53 Edgewood Road

WILLSBORO – across from the Champlain National Bank
corner of Myers Way & US Route 22

WILLSBORO – Village Meat Market
3609 Essex Rd.

Another way that you can support High Peaks Hospice – and get rid of those old things in your closet – is by dropping them off at the Blue Box at one of the locations listed above. HPH receives 5 cents for every pound of donated items. This adds up to thousands of dollars each year to benefit High Peaks Hospice patients and families.

In addition, you are helping others in need. The clothing is sent throughout the U.S. and to third world countries to be re-worn, where new clothing is unaffordable for many of its citizens

List of acceptable items:

  • All men, ladies & children’s clothing
  • handbags
  • belts
  • paired shoes & sneakers
  • sheets, blankets, bedspreads,
  • towels, draperies, curtains
  • material, stuffed animals, hats, scarves.

To get a receipt for a tax deduction, please contact American Clothing at 518-793-7719.

Help Spread the Word about High Peaks Hospice

One of the most valuable assets that High Peaks Hospice has is its ambassadors. What is an ambassador and who are they? They are hospice staff and volunteers. They are also your neighbors, families, friends and colleagues who spread the word about hospice care throughout the community. They are the ones, who when someone they know is struggling ask the question, “Have you considered hospice?” They tell of their hospice experience and encourage others to do the same. They volunteer to share their stories to civic organizations, churches as well as other gatherings through the speaker’s bureau. They are the ultimate voice of hospice in the community because their peers listen to them and heed what they say.

They are also enthusiastic participants in our Circle of Friends (COF). COF is a new and vital initiative of High Peaks Hospice and was established to ensure the continued growth, stability, and future of hospice in this region and help address the growing needs for hospice care in our 5,400 square mile service area. It is an alliance of people who make a difference by their commitment to assure that hospice and palliative services are available now and into the future. The COF are dedicated to the financial security of the agency through their outreach and fundraising efforts. Involvement will allow us to better serve your neighbors, friends, and family.

There are a variety of ways that the individuals in the Circle of Friends can help. Become a friend by joining the Board of Directors Development Committee as the representative of one of our three service areas; become part of a larger fundraising committee in your area to be an integral part of developing and implementing comprehensive fundraising plans; assist with fundraising activity and events; or assist with major donor cultivation by sharing names of those you know who have the interest and means to make a difference, financially, introducing them to hospice staff and/or assisting in cultivation of major gifts.

If you have the interest, time and enthusiasm to really make a difference, to help us make our world better – become a friend in our circle.  A friend of hospice is more than just a helper: it’s an ally, an ambassador, an advocate, and a steadfast supporter. To that end, a friend spreads the word about the value of the work we do, and look for ways to engage more local citizens as benefactors. And they are a part of the innermost circle of High Peaks Hospice. As such, they share our passion, our philosophy, our vision, and our mission by being the driving and supporting force behind our work.

If you are interested in becoming a friend or have any questions, please call 518-891-0606. You truly can make a difference.

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