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For those facing a terminal illness, High Peaks Hospice supports you in living your best life and supports your family in caring for you. We believe our care is a benefit that every family deserves. Best of all. it’s covered by insurance, typically with no copays or deductibles!

We come to your home to provide:

Skilled Nursing Visits | Medical Equipment | Medications & Supplies | Symptom Management | Emotional, Spiritual & Practical Support | Volunteer Services

With hospice, you can expect:

More Comfort…

The goal of hospice is to ensure the best quality of life, for the rest of your life. Data is clear that earlier referral to hospice leads to less overall suffering and leads to longer survival for some patients. We are experts in symptom management; better symptom control enables you to have the time and energy to enjoy the rest of your life. This helps your family a lot too. It is true that pain control is an important goal of palliative care, and in some instances, this requires the use of strong medications, but we now have a variety of medications that can help reduce discomfort and we will work with you and your family to get the best balance of comfort and energy.

More Support…

We support your needs and wishes and help family caregivers become more confident in the care they provide. You are in the driver’s seat. We are here to support you the way you choose, starting with which hospice benefits you wish to utilize, or not utilize. An addition to our in-home nursing care, for many families, we are a valuable resource and offer much relief in navigating care, options, and resources. We pay for and deliver directly to your home medications, equipment rentals, therapies, and any tests or procedures needed to keep you comfortable. We also pay for the personnel to come to you to assist you and your family. If anything breaks, we fix or replace it. We are here to take the burdens off your shoulders!

More Joy…

We connect you with warm and caring volunteers who provide friendship and company to you and respite for your family. Volunteers can read, assist with pets, cook or bake, assist with hobbies, or offer practical support such as light yard or housework or run errands. This leads to more joyful for both you and your family.

More Peace…

We also provide spiritual and emotional support, allowing peace of mind for you and your family. Non denominational chaplain can help you stay connected with your church or religion, lend and ear to listen, help you discover unresolved conflict, or simply pray with or for you.

More Moments…

We create opportunities for you to continue the best quality of life possible, allowing more precious moments at home, with family. Hospice personnel love to have the chance to help our patients live their best lives and achieve important goals. What are your goals? What moments do you want to achieve? For many it’s simply to be surrounded by family in the comfort of their own home. For others, it’s fulfilling final wishes, enjoying hobbies, or simply less time at doctor’s appointments or hospitals.

Hospice is definitely “doing” we provide very intensive care as your needs dictate. It’s just the MAIN focus is getting the most LIFE out of your days rather than the most DAYS out of your life. And it often happens that improved QUALITY of life leads to a LONGER life.

When does eligibility begin?

There’s a big difference between qualifying for hospice and being in your final days! Individuals of any age, who have a prognosis of six months or less and wish to stop curative treatments or procedures that have found to no longer be beneficial, are most likely eligible for hospice. Hospice will continue to provide any and all treatments that help you feel better, achieve your goals, maximize your comfort. It’s a shift from trying to cure to refocusing care on achieving your best outcome. The MAIN focus is redirected to getting the most LIFE out of your days rather than the most DAYS out of your life. And it often happens that improved QUALITY of life leads to a LONGER life.

There is no need to wait for a crisis to occur. When you call early, you assure you do not miss out on the comfort and holistic care that hospice is uniquely designed to provide. So many of our patients say their only regret was signing onto hospice services too late because of how much better they felt after we started helping them.

Who can make a referral to hospice?

Anyone can make a referral to hospice including a personal physician, nurse, friend, neighbor, a family member, or the patient themselves.

Even without a prognosis, there are signs that it is time to calls for a hospice evaluation. These include frequent hospitalization, increased weakness, increased oxygen dependency, progressive and unintentional weight loss or gain, dementia with inability to communicate, trouble swallowing, or a desire to focus on comfort care.

Connect with us to learn more about the benefits available to you and discuss eligibility.

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