To alleviate the stress and burden on patients and their families, one of the services provided by hospice agencies is all billing. Once a patient is admitted the High Peaks Hospice and Palliative Care, the Billing Coordinator and Business Manager deal with with Medicare, Medicaid, private health care carriers, pharmaceutical vendors, durable medical equipment, oxygen and any other needs associates with the terminal diagnosis. While they may need to confer with families regarding specific questions and issues, hospice staff work with the health care providers directly so families do not have to.

Hospice is considered skilled health services and is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private health insurance plans. Provided all eligibility requirements are met, Medicare and Medicaid will pay for all home visits, medications, supplies, and equipment related to end of life care. Some private insurance plans require a co-pay or deductible. Contact your insurance company to determine if hospice services are covered under your plan.

If insurance coverage is not available, hospice care can be provided for a set daily fee, regardless of the amount of visits, medications, or equipment required in the home environment. Individuals and families who cannot afford the cost of services can complete an application for financial assistance. Inability to pay or lack of insurance is never a barrier to receiving care.