High Peaks Hospice would like to take a moment to observe and acknowledge with full appreciation, National Doctors Day 2021.

National Doctors Day honors these professionals for their dedication and contributions to society and the community. Their dedication puts the patient first time and again. On National Doctors Day, we say “thank you” to our physicians for all that they do for us and our loved ones.

Healthcare today is more complex than ever. With more advancements, tools, and information at their fingertips, doctors have an overwhelming job to diagnose and treat their patients every day. This is the day to honor the ones who are there for us 365 days a year, proudly serving our amazing and resilient rural mountain communities.

Doctors pave the way to better healthcare for their patients, and Hospice and Palliative Care physicians are no exception. Please join is in appreciation of our own medical direction team here at High Peaks, today and always we celebrate you. Please leave a comment below to join in on the celebration!

Dr. Curt Gedney, Senior Hospice Medical Director
Dr. Noelle Stevens, Hospice Medical Director
Dr. William Tedesco, Hospice Medical Director
Dr. Mike Miles, High Peaks Hospice Board President

*All are Palliative Care Certified