Being a Hospice Nurse

I decided to pursue a nursing career after International Paper closed their plant and set me on a new course. Since I’ve always been involved in the health field as an EMT. I was part of the Medical Emergency Response Team at International Paper and was also involved in Corinth EMS, it was a logical transition to nursing as a full time career. As a nurse, I also knew I would have more control over my employment opportunities.

Before I started with High Peaks Hospice, my nursing career was spent on the medical/surgical floor at Saratoga Hospital and with visiting Nurses in Albany as a case manager. As for becoming a hospice nurse, I really didn’t know anything about hospice – but when I saw the job opening at High Peaks, I thought it was a good opportunity. And I now know that it was fortuitous decision – working in hospice has afforded me the opportunity to provide a level of care for my patients and family that I have not found anywhere else.

I’ve been with High Peaks since August 2010, and as I recently transitioned to the role as Head Of Nursing, I pursued my certification in hospice because I felt that it was important to formally put the credentials toward my knowledge and skills as a hospice nurse. ~Phil Peka

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